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Special Report

Cultivate a healthier world——Tasly showing at Milano EXPO


Tasly Retains a Place in China Top 10 CPM Exporters

About Tasly

Tasly Pharmaceutical International, the performer of Tasly’s ( Tasly Holding Group ) international marketing strategy which is running independently, after more than ten years efforts, has opened overseas branches and representative offices in 21 nations or regions and 4 chain TCM clinics in 4 countries, which constitute a marketing network covering 40-odd countries and tens of thousands of distributors of different nationalities.

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Our Product

Tasly, by combining the significant achievements in modern medicine with the essentials of the 5,000-year-old Chinese healthcare culture, has developed a set of distinctive health maintenance concepts, which constitute its Theory of Balance Restoration, or the “Connect, Regulate and Replenish” trilogy. Every word in it represents a comprehensive summary and abstraction of the problems faced with human health and their solutions from a specific perspective.


iCP(Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule)