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Tasly Indonesia Holds Microcirculation Seminar

[Date: 2008-10-06] Source: Indonesia  Writer:Gao yanmei [Size:large middle small]

On August 27, 2008 Tasly Indonesia Bandung Office held a microcirculation training seminar mainly for its doctors and experienced distributors. More than 80 distributors and doctors attended the seminar, including a locally well-known team of doctors. Furthermore, Doctor Irwan, an expert in microcirculation and Chairman of Bandung Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was invited to give a lecture on microcirculation and was warmly welcomed by the participants.


A scene of the training venue

The seminar began at 2 pm with some common knowledge about microcirculation introduced by Doctor Irwan. He told the audience that he had made a multitude of researches and experiments on Danshen Plus, a famous product manufactured by Tasly to promote blood circulation and improve microcirculation. To make the audience know more about the microcirculation in human body, the doctor delivered a detailed presentation of his research and experimental results via texts and pictures, which deeply impressed the audience and enabled them to understand the relationship between microcirculation and health completely and systematically.


Mr. Tang Naiyong giving the audience a lecture

Mr. Tang Naiyong, a lecturer with Tasly Indonesia, later taught the distributors how to make a microcirculation test with the instrument.
After that Mr. Tang explicated how to recommend products to others with the help of Tasly Microcirculation-based Prescription Table, which may help the distributor to recommend appropriate Taslian products in accordance with the specific conditions of the intended buyer.

The over-3-hour seminar gave the distributors a deep understanding of microcirculation, how to use the microcirculation instrument properly and professionally, and good knowledge of problems relevant to microcirculation and would help them introduce Taslian products to more people. All the attendants expressed their desire to bring health to more people by helping them understand and improve microcirculation.

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