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Tasly Indonesia Bandung Office Holds Lecture on Health during Ramadan

[Date: 2008-10-13] Source: Indonesia  Writer:Gao yanmei [Size:large middle small]

To make more people gain the common knowledge about Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year, On September 10, 2008 Tasly Indonesia Bandung Office held a health lecture which many distributors and local residents attended.                                 

A scene of the Ramadan-oriented health lecture held by Tasly Indonesia Bandung Office

According to the Muslim custom, during Ramada all Muslims except pregnant women, patients and children must perform fasting (sawm) and can only eat and drink before sunrise and after sunset. That is to say, people can only eat before 5 am and after 6 pm in this month. Therefore, the two meals are very important to supplement nutrients indispensable to human body. Then how should people eat to ensure sufficient nutrition during Ramadan?                                 

Tasly Lecturer Mr. Tang Naiyong briefing the audience on dietary and health knowledge during Ramadan

In this lecture the company answered this question by introducing a few health tips about Ramadan which people should know. According to Lecturer Tang Naiyong who gave the lecture on behalf of the company, people shall eat more vegetables, milk products and fruits during Ramadan. Mr. Tang warned that eating too fast may lead to symptoms like discomfort in the stomach and indigestion. To avoid such symptoms he suggested drinking some tepid water before easting and eating as slowly as possible. In addition, the lecturer also gave the advice of doing relaxing activities after supper if possible e.g. going out for a walk to help the absorption of nutrients by human body.

Getting considerable benefits from this lecture in terms of health care during Ramadan, the audience appreciated the company for its care, help and the health concepts taught to them.

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