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Tasly International Honored with “Top 5 CPM Exporter of 2010”

[Date: 2011-03-16] Source: Tasly International   Writer:Zhu Chuyang [Size:large middle small]

Tasly Pharmaceutical International, represented by CEO Bill Dai, is awarded the title “Top 5 Chinese Patent Medicine Exporter of 2010” at the fourth session of the fifth board of directors of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) in Fuzhou on March 5, 2011.

CCCMHPIE Vice-chairman Liu Zhanglin (3rd left) with Top 5 CPM Exporters of 2010

Stimulated by economic packages of nations and China’s medical reform last year, both domestic and foreign drug markets rebound drastically. China’s foreign medicine trading progresses in vibrations and fluctuations and achieves $193m in CPM export, increasing 18.05% on a year-on-year basis. In order to commend the enterprises which contribute significantly to the “Go abroad” TCM development strategy, CCCMHPIE, in accordance with the official export statistics of China Customs, entitles enterprises which make outstanding contributions to China’s export of medicines and health products in 2010 among 2,000-odd domestic TCM makers “Top 5 CPM Exporter of 2010” and awards each of them a commendation medal.

The Top 5 CPM Exporter of 2010 Medal Won by Tasly Pharmaceutical International

As Tasly keeps expanding its operations in foreign countries with gradually mature marketing pattern in the past two years, Tasly International has strengthened its communication and connection with government agencies and industrial authorities, achieving huge marketing and branding successes and winning recognition from state authorities and fellow people in the same trade. To defend the hard-won honors, the firm will take this as an opportunity to write a brilliant new chapter of TCM globalization.

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